Step into the avant-garde world of art installations by 'TransitionZone,' an extraordinary series of art installations by Industrial Designer and Artist Franziska Agrawal that seamlessly converges minimalism, geometry, and the ephemeral nature of temporality. 

In the heart of Black Rock City, the art installations by TransitionZone stand as testaments to the transformative potential of art, where the discarded becomes divine, and the temporal becomes timeless. TransitionZone's installations invite participants to step into a realm where minimalism meets profundity, and the journey through architecture becomes a reflection on the interconnectedness of art, sustainability, and the beauty inherent in every moment. These installations redefine the boundaries of artistic expression, reflecting the essence of TransitionZone's commitment to sustainability, reductionism, and the profound beauty found within simplicity.  At the intersection of geometry, temporality, and the zero cycle, these installations redefine the landscape, challenging perceptions of aesthetic consumption, architectural space, and the essence of context within the bustling arena of logistics and supply. 

At the heart of the art installations by TransitionZone' lies a profound exploration of the interplay between geometric precision and the fleeting nature of time. The installations, constructed entirely from repurposed US palettes, embody the principles of reduction to the maximum, embracing a distinct form of concrete art and minimalism. The carefully curated multidimensional structures symbolize the infinite logistics of creation, consumption, transportation, and recycling, seamlessly blending the tangible and the conceptual. 

The large-scale installations command attention, their geometries unfolding in a dance with the surrounding environment. The space itself becomes a canvas for TransitionZone's exploration of attachment, detachment, and the temporariness of existence. Each structure represents a moment frozen in time, a testament to the transience inherent in the decay of matter and the unfolding of temporal cycles. As participants navigate the installations, they are confronted with the profound juxtaposition of order and impermanence. Aesthetic elements draw from a palette that marries the raw beauty of the palettes themselves with a harmonious interplay of light and shadow, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the core philosophical themes. 

Nightfall transforms the art installations into a luminescent dreamscape, as embedded LEDs trace the contours of the geometric forms. The interplay of light and shadow takes on a symbolic significance, representing the ephemerality of existence against the backdrop of an infinite cosmos. Within the context of public space and time, TransitionZone invites participants to contemplate the profound interconnectedness of creation and decay, attachment and detachment, in a visually striking exploration that transcends the boundaries of Landart and art in public space. 





Step into the mesmerising world of ‘Transitionzone,’ an enchanting geometric tunnel nestled within the heart of Black Rock City. Crafted entirely from gradient coloured wood, this geometric tunnel transcends the boundaries of conventional art, camouflaging with the Playa but harbouring a connection to the sky, creating a large scale connective monument. The aesthetics of this large sale art installation are minimalistic, but visually impactful within the surreal desert environment on the playa. 

As you approach, the wooden structure rises majestically against the desert landscape, its intricate geometric patterns catching the sunlight in a dance of light and shadow. The tunnel's design draws inspiration from sacred geometry, creating a harmonious fusion of geometry and landscape that beckon participants to explore the depths within and creating an immersive experience that transcends visual aesthetics. ‘Transitionzone is not merely a visual spectacle; it's an interactive space for contemplation and connection. The carefully curated acoustics within the tunnel enhance the auditory experience, with the sounds of the desert breeze and distant echoes of laughter creating a unique symphony. Participants are encouraged to pause, reflect, and engage with the space, fostering a sense of community and shared exploration.

Transitionzone is a pattern of geometric portals within Black Rock City: open for direct interaction with its participants during their passage, but also as infrastructure within Black Rock City—a zone that can serve as a spot for other artists to collaborate with on art or music. Depending on the angle of your gaze Transitionzone can coalesce into a dense block of hallucinatory material or disappear into nothing, a thin line on the horizon. At nightfall, the installation undergoes a magical transformation, as subtle LED lighting attached to the wood comes to life. The tunnel becomes a radiant beacon in the darkness, casting ethereal patterns that mirror the constellations above. The intersection of art and nature, light, and shadow, ‘Transitionzone’ stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of creativity and community within the dynamic landscape of Black Rock City.  


Welcome to 'Burnville,' a whimsical and vibrant art installation that transforms the Black Rock City landscape into a kaleidoscope of color and community. Nestled amidst the expansive playa, Burnville beckons participants to embark on a journey through a miniature village composed of charming, minimalistic tiny houses. Burnville is framed entirely from US-standard goods shipment pallets with outer wall sheathing comprised of thin coloured wood-panels - and is thus recyclable back into the transportation supply chain.  

Each tiny house in Burnville is a unique burst of color, standing as a testament to the beauty of simplicity and individuality. The structures, though small in scale, collectively create a dynamic tapestry of hues, with each house representing a palette of its own. The village layout is carefully curated to encourage exploration, fostering a sense of discovery and connection among participants. The playful, angular architecture of the tiny houses invites participants to meander through narrow alleys and open squares, creating an intimate and engaging environment. The exterior walls serve as canvases for murals and artistic expressions, transforming Burnville into a living canvas that evolves with the creativity of those who interact with it. The Neon coloured walls do not only contrast with the background of the Playa but also serve as a surface to write messages of the day for all those who pass through. 

Burnville and its houses within Black Rock City is open for direct interaction with participants since the installation is primarily a place to gather and sit, but also one to interact with artistically. The visual and aesthetic impact of the houses is minimalistic, functional to their basic purpose within the surreal desert environment of the playa. As participants wander through the village, they encounter communal spaces adorned with comfortable seating that invite shared moments of warmth and conversation. The air is filled with the sounds of laughter, music, and the gentle hum of Burnville's collective energy. At night, the tiny houses come alive with subtle, energy-efficient lighting, casting a dreamlike glow across the playa. The village becomes a beacon of color against the dark desert backdrop, creating a surreal and enchanting atmosphere. 

 Burnville serves as more than just an art installation; it's a testament to the power of community, creativity, and the joy found in the simplest of pleasures. Whether you find yourself immersed in the vibrant hues of the tiny houses or sharing stories around a communal fire, Burnville invites you to experience the magic of a tiny village within the vastness of Black Rock City—a place where small moments and bold colours come together to create something truly extraordinary. 

Franziska Agrawal
Industrial Designer & Installation Artist - Munich, Germany 
International Lead Designer

copyright Burning Man 2024 Project Proposals by Franziska Agrawal

Daniel Miller-Lionberg, Mechanical Engineer - Denver, USA 
Gabriela Kulenkampff, Furniture Designer - San Diego, USA
Katja Kulenkampff, Builder - Los Angeles, USA

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